05 августа 2010

Up in the air

Hi, guys! I wanna show off a little bit this time :p
Here is Pocari Sweat tvc with me as supporting character :) Really happy to see it finally!
I'am not a commercial type of model, to say the true, so each rare chance I've been given to get such job makes me very happy :D Hope you will like it and believe me, Pocari is a great (japanese) drink! :*

14 июля 2010

Sweet Dream

My first fashion spread for Amica Indonesia :D

Please, visit the blog of my friend and amazing stylist Thornandes James for more pictures and inspiration story :)

XOXO, Katya

27 февраля 2010

Well, I really think...

I'VE BEEN BROWSING BLOG BY Stephie KASIM right now, and then this post made me wanna watch this video (below) really badly! :p one of my very favorite :)

25 февраля 2010

Very Private, Very Fashion

Ugh... I start to think to invest in nice tripod, so I can actually take my own pictures wearing my outfits, coz I'm ain't getting nowhere closer to fashion blog, hehe... Here, you had me rant a little, now let's look at some beautiful pictures... of me :D

Taken for a new and very first private sales online club in Indonesia FashionPrivate.com these photos were my first collaboration with photographer Arseto Adiputra, of whom I wrote in my previous post :)
Don't hesitate to check out FashionPrivate, as I can see some items are already sold! Wow! Great start! :D
And few words on the concept of our shoot. The idea was to give an Indonesian touch to the pictures of, something very recognizable and very specific. And what could be more Indonesian, than an Old Town in Jakarta, beautiful Indonesian necklace and piece of batik fabric :)

31 января 2010

Madame On-Line

Hello everyone! How are you, guys, doing? :) Guess, what? I'm too busy or sometimes too lasy to update my blog, ahaha! So here is long awaited new post. My first fashion video taken and directed by very talented photographer Arseto Adiputra
I love it very much! Would love to read any comments :)
Ah, I wish I could do this kind of job for living, and of course fashion photography! I do enjoy it the most :)

Credits you can see at the end of this beautiful video

By the way, interesting info :) This video was inspired by the painting Madame X by John Sargent

15 ноября 2009

Girls and Boys

Well, something new for me, but sooo cool!!! :D

Fashion Director : Gadis indah
Fashion Stylist : Citra Ayuningtyas
Fashion Photography : Denny
Makeup : Kay
Digital Imaging : Aditya Nugraha
Wardrobe : Bebe