15 ноября 2009

Girls and Boys

Well, something new for me, but sooo cool!!! :D

Fashion Director : Gadis indah
Fashion Stylist : Citra Ayuningtyas
Fashion Photography : Denny
Makeup : Kay
Digital Imaging : Aditya Nugraha
Wardrobe : Bebe

Close up and personal

I can't get enough of Glenn's pictures! :D More to come in December, yay!!!

Photo by Glenn Prasetya
Make up and Hair by Ferry@Make Up Forever

02 августа 2009

Me in Action

This is very cool "behind the scene" video by Fredy Wijaya, photographer I worked with for the beauty spread for next issue of Le Mariage magazine :) I have to confess, I DIDN'T NOTICE, that somebody was actually taking video! Haha! I guess, I was to busy with my BB, LOL!!!!!! Enjoy :)

[Behind the Scene] Le Mariage Magazine from fredy wijaya on Vimeo.

22 июля 2009

Not so Incidentals P.2

Aaaaaand new photo series by my dear friend Anne Clarissa a.k.a. Ica :D
For this photoshoot I finally had chance to use my treasure, Emporio Armani little black dress! Though it's not first time I brought it to the shooting, it "shined" for the first time!
And I also wore Steve Madden black pumps,.. but you can't see them on photos, lol!
All the accessories generously provided by MUA and also my good friend Viora :)

Please, feel free to look for some more pictures at Ica's blog and don't hesitate to leave some love ;)

12 июля 2009

Not so Incidentals

Hello, dear friends :) How's everybody doing?
I have to show you some pictures we took two weeks ago with my dear friends Ica and Agung. We all extreamly happy with the result! Just take a look, this girl have a whole lot of potential! Go Icaaa!!! :D

For more eye candy just clic the link

And tomorrow I am off to Yogyakarta for Wara Wiri shooting! How exciting is that! It's gonna be my first time at Jogja, and even beeing still sick and bit cranky, I'm so looking forward to going there! Well, hope all that pile of meds I have on my bedside table will help, hehe! You see I'm in a good mood, and it's a good sign, definetly :)

10 июля 2009

Happy Birthday to meeee! :D

Hi, guys! I had a Birthday yesterday!!! :D And it was rocking!
I can not thank enough to my friends from SUM agency for making my day!
And all I want to wish for myself in this new year of my life, is very simple :) Family happiness and stable modelling career :) I know I can! Ther's a lot of potential in me, but I need to get people to see it :)



29 июня 2009

The happy season of sale!

Ok, it's kinda creepy to open my blog and see horror movie posters,.. gotta write something new :D
And what could be more opposite, as a post about shopping! Yay! The merry season of summer (winter?) sales has started! And my pay check came right in time, hehehe! Not much so far, let's see if any "further reductions" will make my choice easier :)


Leather shoes by Next, Mango tee and shorts


The shoes are like a dream! Finally, the RED ones!!! :D

Huh, I've decided, no more black, but couldn't stand this cutest Olive Oyl tee!.. And it looks so cool with my Rose cotton.inc shawl, awwwwww :)

And the shorts,.. yeah... As we say back in Ukraine, shoemaker without shoes. So I felt, model without shorts, haha! ;)

25 июня 2009

Broken promise

Well, it's not that I am tend to break given promises, but... :) I've promised myself loooong time ago, not to watch horror movies anymore... e.v.e.r. And I was happily keeping this promise untill present time. Break my promise twice, but for a good reason :) My friends are starring in horror movies, so I couldn't not to come!

Frans Nickolas in Di Kejar Setan

Keith Foo in Mati Suri

So, how about you, guys? :) Do you like to get scared sometimes in a while? :D

19 июня 2009

Too White Too Busy

Woah! Finally I have a quiet moment to sit down and write. Last couple weeks been kinda crazy. My show Wara Wiri is shooting some extra episodes, because in August all the crew members gonna have summer holidays. That's why we're shooting as crazy-nasty every week few days in a row!
But the most importand thing, we've moved to new apartment! Yay! I'm so happy to have a nice home at last! Though, we just rent it, but it is such a nice, cozy place! Not big, but very comfy, exactly what couple need :) Still big mess going on around, have no choice, trying to organize it when I have chance :)
From tomorrow I'm gonna be out of town, for WW shooting again, which means, next update will be at the end of next week.

And last but not least :) My dearest lil' sister Tanya has Birthday today! Woohoo! Happy Birthday, best sista' in da world! I love you and miss you TONS!!! (^3^)

03 июня 2009

Gadget Babe... I am

 Well, yes! I'm a Gadget Babe this month! Isn't it cool! :D You can read very cute interview with me on the last page of June issue :) Great shooting, wonderful crew, fun chat, love my job! :D 

02 июня 2009

Cutie Overdose (^_^)

Look, who give us moral support while we're waiting for our fashion shows :D

My friend Maria and Cutie no.1

Here comes Claudia

And me :) 

Cuties going solo :)

28 мая 2009

What we do, when we have nothing to do

Wanna now what models in Jakarta do when waiting for hooooours before show will start? Well, sometimes they playing (read: fooling) around with camera, just like that :) 

Me and my partners in crime Maria and Mari (behind camera) 

27 мая 2009

Say Yes! for Cotton!

My first ever purchase via internet! (not counting in numerous soft wear and digital scrapbook kits, hehe) This is something real, soft, colourfull and Oh! so cool! Ladies and Gentlemens, convertible shawls by Cotton.Inc!
 I found them through the Fashionese Daily and fell in love instantly! Great web site, I must say. I wish my Bahasa level would be enough to participate in FD Forum,..   well, everything is in my hands ;)
 Look at those cutest tags and ribbons! Aaah, doubled my excitement from delivery! :D

24 мая 2009

Like a Model

Yesterday I got a compliment from our show choreographer. He told me, that finally I look like a model! Wow! I'm afraid to think, what did I look like before? Haha!

Shorts and top by Mango, vest by Zara TRF
fabric belt by Esprit, unbranded necklace.
 There suppose to be also golden Zara flats,
 but they went away on the feets of my friend :)

upd: YAY!!! Just got call from security downstairs! My Cotton.Inc shawls are heeeeeeeere! :D

Work... actually

Hello people! This week was Oh so hectic! I had five days of fashion shows in a row, YAY!!! Well, I still have, coz Number 5 show is tomorrow :) So exciting! I enjoy every moment of it, even despite some make up and shoe accidents. My poor dear booker Gustav had so much stress! Just think for a moment, he had to do everything alone! Not exactly bookers job, but he had no choice. Coordinate models, take care of all the details, communicate with clients, provide food and drinks for everybody and much much more! I wanted to cheer him up, so I bought us some highly fashionable frogurt and we had nice therapeutic chat :) Will show you some pics later and now just a lil' preview

Well, it's me during fitting for Forever21 show. I bet assistants outside changing room were wondering, what took me so long? Haha! And yes, I am wearing zero make up, and (talking about make up accidents) I have only half-eye-brows.... Don't you think I look like a cute alien? 

20 мая 2009

What's on my Mind

 Finally! My new little blog is here! Funny, but everything started from Facebook, somebody posted his Twitter link, I followed it to discover Twitter, where I found out, I can stalk some of my favorite Jakartians :), who were posting their blog links... And so I got inspired! I don't think I could manage a classic fashion blog, but I'll try... in some of my future posts ;)
 And what a strange name for a blog, you'll ask. Well, the thing is, I am really white person. My skin is about to shine in the dark, haha! This is what everybody here in Jakarta notice about me first. I guess, it's my little signature thingie ;) Love to think so...