29 июня 2009

The happy season of sale!

Ok, it's kinda creepy to open my blog and see horror movie posters,.. gotta write something new :D
And what could be more opposite, as a post about shopping! Yay! The merry season of summer (winter?) sales has started! And my pay check came right in time, hehehe! Not much so far, let's see if any "further reductions" will make my choice easier :)


Leather shoes by Next, Mango tee and shorts


The shoes are like a dream! Finally, the RED ones!!! :D

Huh, I've decided, no more black, but couldn't stand this cutest Olive Oyl tee!.. And it looks so cool with my Rose cotton.inc shawl, awwwwww :)

And the shorts,.. yeah... As we say back in Ukraine, shoemaker without shoes. So I felt, model without shorts, haha! ;)

5 комментариев:

  1. was gonna get the red shawl but now the rose looks good too! hmm..both? aaaah im spending way too much on cottonink haha : )

    cute olive oyl tee! Mango here dusnt hav it..

  2. АААААА!!!
    Какие тууууфельки!!!!!
    Просто прелесть!!!!!
    Там нет ещё парочки 39го размера?! Высылай! :)))

  3. @Wina: ther's never too much of shawls, haha! :D Wow! How do you survive without Mango? But do you have H&M? :)

    @Muss: эт как раз 39, хехе ;) Сама не нарадуюсь!

  4. we do hv mango! but no olive oyl tee : (

    BOO NO H&M! there's a chain called Supre and it sells the ugliest-looking things! dont bother checking out! lol