29 июня 2009

The happy season of sale!

Ok, it's kinda creepy to open my blog and see horror movie posters,.. gotta write something new :D
And what could be more opposite, as a post about shopping! Yay! The merry season of summer (winter?) sales has started! And my pay check came right in time, hehehe! Not much so far, let's see if any "further reductions" will make my choice easier :)


Leather shoes by Next, Mango tee and shorts


The shoes are like a dream! Finally, the RED ones!!! :D

Huh, I've decided, no more black, but couldn't stand this cutest Olive Oyl tee!.. And it looks so cool with my Rose cotton.inc shawl, awwwwww :)

And the shorts,.. yeah... As we say back in Ukraine, shoemaker without shoes. So I felt, model without shorts, haha! ;)

25 июня 2009

Broken promise

Well, it's not that I am tend to break given promises, but... :) I've promised myself loooong time ago, not to watch horror movies anymore... e.v.e.r. And I was happily keeping this promise untill present time. Break my promise twice, but for a good reason :) My friends are starring in horror movies, so I couldn't not to come!

Frans Nickolas in Di Kejar Setan

Keith Foo in Mati Suri

So, how about you, guys? :) Do you like to get scared sometimes in a while? :D

19 июня 2009

Too White Too Busy

Woah! Finally I have a quiet moment to sit down and write. Last couple weeks been kinda crazy. My show Wara Wiri is shooting some extra episodes, because in August all the crew members gonna have summer holidays. That's why we're shooting as crazy-nasty every week few days in a row!
But the most importand thing, we've moved to new apartment! Yay! I'm so happy to have a nice home at last! Though, we just rent it, but it is such a nice, cozy place! Not big, but very comfy, exactly what couple need :) Still big mess going on around, have no choice, trying to organize it when I have chance :)
From tomorrow I'm gonna be out of town, for WW shooting again, which means, next update will be at the end of next week.

And last but not least :) My dearest lil' sister Tanya has Birthday today! Woohoo! Happy Birthday, best sista' in da world! I love you and miss you TONS!!! (^3^)

03 июня 2009

Gadget Babe... I am

 Well, yes! I'm a Gadget Babe this month! Isn't it cool! :D You can read very cute interview with me on the last page of June issue :) Great shooting, wonderful crew, fun chat, love my job! :D 

02 июня 2009

Cutie Overdose (^_^)

Look, who give us moral support while we're waiting for our fashion shows :D

My friend Maria and Cutie no.1

Here comes Claudia

And me :) 

Cuties going solo :)