12 июля 2009

Not so Incidentals

Hello, dear friends :) How's everybody doing?
I have to show you some pictures we took two weeks ago with my dear friends Ica and Agung. We all extreamly happy with the result! Just take a look, this girl have a whole lot of potential! Go Icaaa!!! :D

For more eye candy just clic the link

And tomorrow I am off to Yogyakarta for Wara Wiri shooting! How exciting is that! It's gonna be my first time at Jogja, and even beeing still sick and bit cranky, I'm so looking forward to going there! Well, hope all that pile of meds I have on my bedside table will help, hehe! You see I'm in a good mood, and it's a good sign, definetly :)

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  1. gorgeous model + wonderful photographer = high end

    hope u hv fun i jogjaa!! I can tell u already did : )