22 июля 2009

Not so Incidentals P.2

Aaaaaand new photo series by my dear friend Anne Clarissa a.k.a. Ica :D
For this photoshoot I finally had chance to use my treasure, Emporio Armani little black dress! Though it's not first time I brought it to the shooting, it "shined" for the first time!
And I also wore Steve Madden black pumps,.. but you can't see them on photos, lol!
All the accessories generously provided by MUA and also my good friend Viora :)

Please, feel free to look for some more pictures at Ica's blog and don't hesitate to leave some love ;)

2 комментария:

  1. more great pics! did u style urself? i love it!

    oh and kodok means frog/toad hehehe

  2. aaawwww~<3<3

    thanks for promoting me dear *blushed* ^^;