20 мая 2009

What's on my Mind

 Finally! My new little blog is here! Funny, but everything started from Facebook, somebody posted his Twitter link, I followed it to discover Twitter, where I found out, I can stalk some of my favorite Jakartians :), who were posting their blog links... And so I got inspired! I don't think I could manage a classic fashion blog, but I'll try... in some of my future posts ;)
 And what a strange name for a blog, you'll ask. Well, the thing is, I am really white person. My skin is about to shine in the dark, haha! This is what everybody here in Jakarta notice about me first. I guess, it's my little signature thingie ;) Love to think so...

1 комментарий:

  1. just read your blog Kate :) ... BTW I'm not yet find your story about your experience on Wara Wiri, is it because this blog is just for your fashion experience?

    Keep blogging :)