31 января 2010

Madame On-Line

Hello everyone! How are you, guys, doing? :) Guess, what? I'm too busy or sometimes too lasy to update my blog, ahaha! So here is long awaited new post. My first fashion video taken and directed by very talented photographer Arseto Adiputra
I love it very much! Would love to read any comments :)
Ah, I wish I could do this kind of job for living, and of course fashion photography! I do enjoy it the most :)

Credits you can see at the end of this beautiful video

By the way, interesting info :) This video was inspired by the painting Madame X by John Sargent

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  1. hey lovely blog..
    love your style and the photos so greaat!

    love the video..

    wanna exchange link?

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    *i already linked you by the way

  2. Анонимный3 мая 2013 г., 0:10

    Your black Modest dress is splendid and your blog is great!