25 февраля 2010

Very Private, Very Fashion

Ugh... I start to think to invest in nice tripod, so I can actually take my own pictures wearing my outfits, coz I'm ain't getting nowhere closer to fashion blog, hehe... Here, you had me rant a little, now let's look at some beautiful pictures... of me :D

Taken for a new and very first private sales online club in Indonesia FashionPrivate.com these photos were my first collaboration with photographer Arseto Adiputra, of whom I wrote in my previous post :)
Don't hesitate to check out FashionPrivate, as I can see some items are already sold! Wow! Great start! :D
And few words on the concept of our shoot. The idea was to give an Indonesian touch to the pictures of, something very recognizable and very specific. And what could be more Indonesian, than an Old Town in Jakarta, beautiful Indonesian necklace and piece of batik fabric :)

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  1. great model, great photographer ;) Seto is my friend too Kate! lol. we went to the same college actually :D he's obviously very talented, isn't he? ;)

  2. Oh really? :D Small world, small world, hehe ;) Would be so cool to meet altogether once :)

  3. I love it! you look pretty and stunning as always :)

  4. красиві ^ _ ^ Мені подобається